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What is Media Training?
Media training prepares clients for interviews on TV, radio, online and print media. The training is carried out by media experts and broadcast journalists , who have extensive experience in TV news and other kinds of programming.

Who could benefit from Media Training?
This includes professionals and businesses aiming to improve their communication skills, individuals invited to make media appearances, those interested in establishing connections with the media, or anyone whose job involves regular interactions with the press or managing media inquiries.

Why Media Training?
Facing the media can be daunting. Depending on how you communicate your message, it can have either a positive or adverse impact on your organisation or on you as an individual. Understanding how the media works and feeling confident and capable serve as excellent foundations for handling challenging situations and effectively delivering your message to the media.


What are common mistakes people make?
These are many factors that can contribute to this, including: being ill-prepared; using ineffective language; saying too much; poor body language; becoming frustrated or angry with persistent questioning, and freezing in front of camera.

What will your Media Training session consist of?


  • Important questions you should ask before agreeing to an interview

  • Understanding the journalist’s approach

  • Different interview formats

  • Identify and develop your own key messages

  • Strategy to help you communicate what you want to say

  • Getting your message across clearly

  • Anticipate the most difficult questions

  • Interview practise and filming of a mock interview

  • Play back of your interview and constructive analysis

  • Preparing you to deliver effective interviews for print, radio, television and online

  • Understanding broadcast jargon

  • Live versus Recorded 

  • Helping you deal with nerves

  • The importance of body language

  • Visual presentation for TV

  • Voice tips


Our London-based media training team offers sessions both in Britain and overseas, catering to small groups or one-on-one sessions. Our diverse clientele includes business professionals, educators, charities, and the fashion industry.


Whether facing a podcast contribution or newspaper interview or engaging with a high-profile TV journalist, preparation is key. With just one chance to make an impression, we equip our clients for success. Our expertise helps boost confidence and ensures effective representation of both individuals and organisations, tailored to target specific audiences.


With over 30 years of industry experience in TV, radio and online, our seasoned professionals merge broadcasting skills with business, enhancing communication clarity.


We provide customised training courses, adapting each session to your needs and location. Whether it's your first interview or a refresher course, feel free to email with your requirements or request a callback.



''I was first introduced to Samina back in May 2023 when I was looking for a media professional to provide insight into the SAG AFTRA/WGA strikes to a group of freelancers who had no idea what their next steps were going to be while the industry was in such a downslide. Samina gracefully gave a very in depth and comprehensive overview of the strikes, while also providing hope at what felt like such a dark side. Her approach, though virtual, was still so personable yet professional. She stuck to the brief yet added her own flair which was fantastic.

Due to the success of that virtual masterclass, I asked Samina to deliver a series of sessions surrounding employability and freelancer for entry-mid level freelancers within the Film/TV Industry. We've had nothing but positive feedback from our Equal Access Network members, all feeling so deeply inspired by Samina's top tricks, wisdom and guidance. Samina is now without a doubt my go-to Media Trainer for employability training sessions. I couldn't recommend her enough!.''


Azariah Jade
Industry Skills Partnership Manager at Film London

''Samina's media training sessions at UCL Hatchery were very impressive, blending comprehensive instruction with an interactive approach. Her expertise shone particularly in the way she workshopped both the delivery and the deeper significance of our startups' messages. This holistic approach not only honed our founders' communication skills but also deepened their understanding of their own core value propositions and brand narratives. The sessions received overwhelmingly positive feedback and were a valuable learning opportunity for our entrepreneurs. I highly recommend Samina to anyone seeking to elevate their media presence and to master the art of conveying their brand's message effectively, especially in high-pressure situations. Her guidance is indispensable for those aiming to make a meaningful impact in the media landscape..''


Christopher Norwood
Entrepreneurship Advisor, UCL Innovation & Enterprise

''Samina’s extensive experience and knowledge of media inspired a lot of faith in me. She’s very professional and friendly, and challenged me in the right amount helping me reach a higher level of confidence, ahead of my radio interview. She made it interesting and was present and engaged at all times. I learned a lot from the session. Would most definitely use her again.''


Xavier Bonfill-Cardona
Integrative Psychotherapist

"I recently asked for Samina's services in creating a webinar for my business at Harleen Mclean Interiors. She watched a recording of me and gave me 4 tips that immediately had me convert from a good webinar with information to sales! I highly recommend using Samina to improve presentation skills with her media training services."

Harleen Mclean
Biophilic Designer


"Samina led two media training sessions for our founders within the UCL Hatchery programme and the feedback we got was overwhelmingly positive. Her communication is effective, to the point and with enough information to get anyone prepared for communicating with the media industry and to be able to give effective media interviews. We will be using her again and I fully recommend her services."


Alex Isevski
Entrepreneurship Advisor, UCL Innovation & Enterprise


''I had to give my first TV interview at short notice and found Samina to be very knowledgeable, helpful and encouraging. Her training is focused and bespoke and I have no hesitation in recommending her.''


Susha Chandrasekhar

Board Director/Trustee The Fawcett Society

''I received one-to-one training from Samina, in preparation for radio and magazine interviews, which was invaluable. She skillfully provided me with tools to deal with the media and manage challenging questions from journalists. She is approachable and has an encouraging style, which put me at ease, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.''

Sonia Au-Yeung
Creative Director, Eucalyptus Clothing

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