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Radio experience


Samina cut her teeth in radio working for community stations such as Resonance FM. ON FM and Hayes FM.


Producing a variety of programmes including a live weekly two hour magazine style show, Samina engaged the audience with her fun but informative style covering a variety of subject matters from showbiz and theatre to news and current affairs.


A weekly routine was to produce podcasts to promote her shows across social media so she is highly experienced in this technology.


May be add my promo from Hayes and FM with the blurb Sutish wrote and BBC Asian Network logo – if I can.


PODCAST INTRODUCTION TRAINING (add photos of microphones etc)


The technological age in which we live is altering how we relay our message to the outside world, and to keep pace, creativity is the key ingredient for success.


Podcasts provide a straightforward and effective method of communicating to your audience or potential customers visiting your website or your podcasting sites. Well-conceived podcasts can add tremendous value to your website by (producing content) (relaying a message) in an intimate, interesting and engaging way.


They are an effective way to build on-going relationships with your client base and employees or for creating a new audience.


This course is designed to give thorough knowledge of how to create and publish a podcast. From writing a relevant and engaging script to technical considerations that cover how to record, edit and mix a podcast from start to finish using commonly used software: Audacity, GarageBand and Soundtrack Pro.


Follow-up telephone support is offered to all candidates who complete a podcast course.




COURSE OUTLINEWhat is a Podcast?

  • What can you do with podcasts?

  • Finding and subscribing to podcasts (?)

  • Example podcasts



  • Planning and assemble content

  • Audience need

  • Branding

  • Writing scripts

  • Music/copyright issues


Recording a Podcast

  •  Recording software options (?)

  • Audio equipment to use (?)

  • Vocal delivery

  • Microphone best practice

  • Essential recording techniques (?)

  • Setting up to record

  • Recording your material


Post Production

  • Editing software

  • Basic editing techniques

  • Adding music and mixing

  • Different file formats (?)

  • Compression techniques

  • Exporting your podcast


Publishing Your Podcast

  • Saving to different media

  • Uploading to a website

  • How to host your podcast

  • Using free hosting and feed service (?)

  • Subscriptions (?)

  ·       Understanding data rates (?)

  ·       Security issues (?)

  ·       RSS feeds (?)

  ·       Using an RSS template file (?)

  ·       Ready-made Podcast solutions (?)


Promoting Your Podcast

  • Using PR

  • Using iTunes to publicise your podcast

  • Podcast sites (?)



Questions and Answers Please call or email with your enquiries and for the latest training dates and course fees.Email: info@Tel:



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